Youth Vaccine

Hyaluronic acid, which is found in every part of our body from blood vessels to internal organs, from inside the skin to the joints, is abundant in the skin in infancy; It decreases rapidly from the age of 30. With the decrease of hyaluronic acid, the skin loses its brightness, elasticity and moisture.

The legendary beauty elixir of anti-aging, hyaluronic acid; It has become indispensable after it was produced as 100% pure and started to be used in skin rejuvenation with a brand new way of use.

Hyaluronic acid; It activates the collagen that provides moisture, flexibility and cell renewal in the skin.

Pure hyaluronic acid given externally, cross-links with itself, stays under the skin for a long time and regresses the aging process by increasing the skin’s defense system. Pure hyaluronic acid gives the effect of a youth vaccine.

IAL system; It is a reliable system that has been used in Europe and America for about 5 years.

To Whom Can Youth Vaccine Be Applied?

IAL System; It can be applied to all skin types from the age of 20. The fact that it does not cause any reaction is due to the skin’s own molecular structure. It has a structure that is frequently applied on the face, neck, décolleté and hands and has important effects on solving the problems in these areas. The most important usage area is Anti-aging applications. IAL applied to protect the skin from the negative effects of the aging process on the skin; It is both a preventive and complementary anti-aging treatment.

The IAL system is recommended as a complementary application with other treatments, especially for skin damaged by alcohol, cigarettes, acne, sun and solarium.

How Often Can Youth Vaccine Be Applied?

In the IAL system, tiny vaccines are made to the skin 3 times. Vaccine (IAL System) 0-15-21. It is applied on days and the positive effects show itself with brightness and radiance on the skin from the 2nd day. It is recommended to do it twice a year. Repeating it twice a year ensures that the effect remains for a long time. Immediately after the first vaccination, the skin is noticeably livelier, brighter, and wrinkles are relieved and tightness is observed.

When Does the Youth Vaccine Show Its Effect?

From the 2nd day onwards, it is observed that the hydration of the skin increases and the texture tone of the skin becomes better. The exact result of the treatment also varies according to the patient’s condition, and during the treatment, the patient is advised to drink plenty of water, take care of his nutrition and life. A healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle make the treatment more successful and long-lasting.

Is the Youth Vaccine Harmful?

It has no side effects. However, very small redness, erythema, etc., due to the needle effect due to the injection. it could be. All these effects disappear within an hour or two after application. Not applicable to people with high sensitivity to the needle (hypersensitivity) (this applies to all injections).

What Should Be Considered?

Since it is a treatment protocol determined by the doctor, the doctor will specify in detail what needs to be done according to the patient’s position. However, in general; Drinking plenty of water recommended, and reducing the consumption of cigarettes and alcohol if possible, and using the products necessary for sun protection of the skin by the doctor are the main points to be considered.

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