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Stretch Mark Treatment

The skin tissue in some parts of the body stretches excessively due to reasons such as pregnancy, sudden weight gain, increase in hormonal activity during adolescence, rapid height gain, excessive weight, playing basketball or volleyball. This stretching causes damage to the elastin and collagen fibers in the skin, thus causing tears in the lower layers of the skin.

Cracks seen not only in women but also in men; It creates a wavy, unwanted appearance on the abdomen, hips, chest, arms and legs, reducing the self-confidence and life motivation of the person. Fortunately, today, all over the world, crack treatment is carried out in a healthy and comfortable way thanks to the application of biodermogenesis (bi-one), a product of modern medicine and technology .

Biodermogenesis; It stands out because it is the only treatment method in which electromagnetic field, electrostimulation and vacuum technologies are used in a combined way, to provide sensitive healing of cracks regardless of age or feature. Men and women, who have aesthetic concerns due to the problem of stretch marks, say goodbye to their stretch marks completely painlessly with the application of biodermogenesis. Visible and very aesthetic results are obtained thanks to this application, which is the most preferred in the treatment of stretch marks and has a success rate of 85%.

The most important feature that distinguishes Biodermogenesi application from others is that it provides treatment not by damaging but by triggering biological regeneration and self-renewal of tissues. Biodermogenesi, which was developed especially for the treatment of cracks, also destroys the loss of elasticity and wrinkles in the skin. Electromagnetic frequencies increase the functions of cells as well as collagen and elastin fibers in the skin. Thus, the cracks are filled; while the skin is tightened and recovered, it gains a younger and smoother appearance.

Thanks to this successful method, which has no age restrictions, abnormal metabolic activities in the skin are normalized; By increasing the blood circulation in the area, it is ensured that the skin receives more oxygen. The increase in oxygen increases the rate of cell renewal. Biodermogenesis treatment also plays an active role in restoring the natural color of the skin by supporting the production of melanin, which gives the skin its color.

How to treat cracks?

In the biodermogenesis method, which was developed for the treatment of stretch marks, electromagnetic frequency is applied to the skin with special caps. Electromagnetic frequency stimulates the skin tissue in the area, triggering collagen formation and increasing blood circulation, allowing more oxygen to go to the area, thus accelerating cell regeneration. So the cracks become superficial; As the white color in the cracks disappears, the skin in that area takes on its natural skin color. The tissue, nourished by the collagen and melanin it produces, gains a new and fresh appearance.

Biodermogenesi is a procedure that takes about 40 minutes and can be easily done even during lunch. The person can return to his social life on the same day. Targeted results can be achieved in a total of 10 to 20 sessions, 2-3 sessions per week. In fact, new cracks in red color can disappear in 10 sessions. The skin continues to renew itself even after the sessions are completed in the biodermogenesis application, which can be done in summer or winter.

In the application of Biodermogenesi, unlike other aesthetic interventions, it is recommended that the person go out to the sun, swim and sunbathe. Thus, the regeneration process of the skin tissue, triggered by electromagnetic frequency, is accelerated by swimming and sunbathing. Swimming blood circulation and the amount of oxygen going to the cells; the sun supports the increase of melanin synthesis in the cells.

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