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Mesotherapy Treatment

“Mesotherapy”, which means middle skin treatment, is the realization of treatment with micro injections applied to the painful or diseased area that requires treatment. This method was first applied in 1952 in France. Mesotherapy is a treatment method applied by using very thin and short needle tips (4-6 mm, 29-30 g needles).

As some of the drugs are excreted without being absorbed during absorption; In drugs taken orally, by intramuscular or intravenous injections, the entire amount cannot reach the relevant organ. Since drugs taken in these ways can reach other organs through the blood, there is a possibility of side effects. In mesotherapy treatment, the side effects are minimized since the drug is given directly and only in small amounts to the problem area with microinjections.

Since the absorption of drugs from the area is very low in mesotherapy, the passage of drugs into the circulatory system is almost non-existent. The number of injections made; It varies depending on the patient, the disease and the anatomy of the area where the injection will be made.

Which Diseases Is Mesotherapy Used To Treat?

  • In all joint diseases such as arthritis,
  • In neck and lumbar hernia pain,
  • In syatalgia and brachialgia,
  • Migraine and menstrual pain, sports traumas,
  • In some vascular diseases such as varicose veins, lymphedema and phlebitis,
  • In the treatment of cellulite for aesthetic purposes,
  • In vascular spots,
  • In the treatment of various skin problems,
  • It is widely used successfully to prevent skin aging and hair loss.

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