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Medical Skin Care

Medical skin care, which offers personalized methods to meet the special needs of the skin, helps the skin to be revitalized, deeply cleaned and refreshed. The treatment to be applied is decided according to the condition of the skin. Some people use different skin care combinations. According to the skin analysis, a treatment kit is created for the person.

Classic Skin Care

It is a form of care that is suitable for every skin type. It provides revitalization, cleansing and freshness of the skin. This care; Includes cleansing, steam and healing mask. It takes about 1-1.5 hours. The process is provided by using dermocosmetic products.

Oxygen Care Cure

It is a type of care applied to dry and sensitive skin, preventing the expansion of capillaries and providing shine, moisture, PH and balance to the skin. By giving oxygen together with physiological saline, the elasticity of the skin is increased and blood circulation is accelerated. In classical skin care, steam is given.

Acne Treatment

Skin care is done in general and regionally. In this treatment (acne-prone skin), it is aimed to clean the acnes, to regain the balance of the skin, to clean it and to prevent the formation of acne.

It is recommended to repeat it 2 times a year for patients who have medical skin care.

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