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Carbon Peeling

Although the word “peeling” brings to mind the peeling process, carbon peeling is a procedure performed using Q-Swichted Nd-Yag laser. It is used in the treatment of removing stains on the skin, tightening the pores, uneven lubrication and sagging skin. This method, which can be applied in summer and winter, is very effective in tightening the pores and balancing oil secretion.

How is carbon peeling done?

First of all, the skin of the person is cleaned. If there is make-up, it is cleaned with an alcohol-free solution. Then carbon cream is applied to the skin. The carbon cream used must be a very high quality, very good product. It should be neither too solid nor too fluid.

After the carbon dries, the carbon is removed from the skin with the Q-Swichted laser. While removing the carbon from the skin, it tightens the pores of the skin with each laser shot. Carbon penetrates up to the dirt in the pore as long as it stays on the skin. Thus, the accumulated oil, sweat mixture and dirt inside the pore are also cleaned by removing the carbon with laser light.

How long does the carbon peeling process take?

It is a process that takes 10 minutes. It can also be described as very fast skin care. However, the bio-benefits of the process are many.

Angel whitening

Carbon peeling is usually performed together with a method called angel whitening. If the patient has superficial stains on his skin, this procedure is applied. Angel whitening is a protocol that requires a special screen setting that can be done with a “Q Switched” laser. With certain titles, using certain energies, the melanin pigment on the surface of the skin is also opened. Thus, the skin is purified from the spots on its surface. The patient feels radiance and light on his skin every time he attends a session.

While Angel is doing whitening, another application is made to the patient. If the patient has fine quince hairs on his face, these hairs create extra darkness on their skin. This can happen to blondes or brunettes. However, especially brunette people are uncomfortable with the extra darkness created by the quince hairs. Especially dark-skinned people prefer to lighten their skin colors in winter. Therefore, with the Q-switched laser, the patient’s hairs are also yellowed. When the patient’s hair turns yellow, his face appears much brighter. His face brightens. Angel whitening also helps to lighten the face.

Does it need to be repeated at regular intervals?

If only carbon peeling is done, it is done every 15 days. If it is done for carbon peeling and stain removal, it is applied once every 15 days. If it is done for the purpose of yellowing the feather, it is repeated every 2 months.

Are there any points to pay attention to after the application?

After the application, sunbathing is interrupted for a few days. Regular use of sunscreen is recommended.

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