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Regional Thinning

The weights, which become difficult to lose over time due to weight gain, pregnancy, age, settle locally in the body. In this case, regional slimming methods come into play. Combined therapies or a single procedure can be used as needed. The most common methods used in these procedures are regional injections and regional thinning systems. Today, with the developing technology, it is possible to thin out without any surgical procedure.

Radiofrequency technology ensures that localized fats that are resistant to diet and exercise are broken down by heat and removed from the body through lymph channels. Radio waves activate water molecules and ions (sodium-potassium-calcium-magnesium) in the body. Energy is released due to their activation and the area warms up. The purpose here is to increase the temperature of the heated (treated area) area to 41 – 43 degrees (normal body temperature is 36-37 degrees). When the skin temperature reaches this point, the temperature in the subcutaneous area reaches 50-55 degrees. This heat does not cause any damage or harm to the body. It increases the intracellular diffusion of oxygen by heating the skin. The result obtained accelerates the metabolism of the stored energy, increases lymphatic drainage, and enables the reduction and reduction of fat cells. This provides an effective regional slimming and thinning with radiofrequency.

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