Manicure for hand and nail care helps you to have well-groomed hands by cleaning the cuticles. Manicure helps your hands look more well-groomed and beautiful. Nail polish also looks better on manicure hands. How to Manicure? All the steps and products you need for a manicure are here!

If you want to learn the answer to the question of how to make a manicure and make your own application at home, you can review the steps we have prepared for you. Before You Begin: Prepare for a manicure The first step of manicure starts with cleaning the nails first. You should remove the old nail polish residues well. While removing nail polish, acetones with nourishing and moisturizing properties are more useful for caring for nails at the same time. It will be to your advantage to have a moisturizer in the acetone that you will buy, which will prevent the drying effect of acetone.

In this way, the nails are protected against the danger of breaking.

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