Lip Filling with Laser

What is laser lip augmentation?

One of the most striking points that determine the expression of our face is our lips. Time and external factors cause our lips to lose their volume and vitality, thus becoming wrinkled and thin, just like our skin. As the age progresses, the production of collagen in the skin decreases, and all these negative factors become more evident on our lips, which have a sensitive structure. As our lips lose their form, the distance between the lips and the nose increases as they curve inward. This disrupts our natural expression, causing our face to look tired and older than it is. People can have thin lips not only due to aging, but also due to genetics.

With the lip plumping effect of the laser lip augmentation application called “Liplase” , anyone who wishes can achieve the aesthetic lips that they have always dreamed of in a healthy and comfortable way.

How is lip augmentation done with lasers?

After the consultation with the dermatologist, the number of sessions is determined according to the lip and skin structure of the person. In Liplase technology, the production of collagen in that area is triggered by laser waves applied both over the lip and through the mouth. Thus, the lips get a voluminous, shiny, smooth, moist structure and a beautiful appearance. After the procedure, which has a lip plumping effect, the person can continue his daily life without interruption. Since no pain is felt in laser lip augmentation, it can be performed in a clinical setting without anesthesia. The procedure can be applied in two or three sessions once a month.

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