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Laser Hair Removal

Laser epilation is the permanent removal of unwanted hair by burning hair follicles with laser beams. The procedure renders the hair root inactive, and ensures that the hair falls out and does not regrow again. Laser epilation, which has been applied safely and successfully all over the world for about 25 years, has a wide variety designed for different skin and hair structures today.

Today, laser hair removal is performed with devices of different wavelengths: Alexandrite (Two versions are available: Candela and Epicare), ND YAG, Diode Next and Soprano Ice (Ice Laser). These types of laser epilation devices target hair follicles with wavelengths and offer a healthy, safe, comfortable and definitive solution to unwanted hair.

How is laser hair removal applied?

Laser epilation is a procedure that we can safely do to our entire body, with the exception of the eye area. However, there are some important points that we should know about this process. The hairs on our body are not all the same color, thickness and structure. In addition, the color of our skin differs in every part of our body. For this reason, a mixed application with different laser types is required in order to obtain the desired results in the laser epilation process. The most important thing to pay attention to in laser epilation is that the application is carried out on the right area, with the right laser device, at the most appropriate dose and under the supervision of a dermatologist who is an expert in the field. For this reason, it is vital that it is performed in a highly equipped health and aesthetic center with advanced technology.

After the consultation carried out by the dermatologist, the most suitable laser epilation device for the hair and skin type of the person, as well as the number and interval of sessions are determined. The dermatologist may use a different laser epilation device at the beginning, depending on the skin and hair type of the person, but towards the end of the process, a different laser epilation device may be appropriate.

Types and features of laser epilation device

Alexandrite Laser

The Alexandrite laser, which is very suitable for light-skinned people with dark hair, targets the melanin pigment that gives the hair its color. The Alexandrite laser, which has the strongest wavelength, gives better results with darker and thicker hairs.

ND YAG Laser

The ND-YAG laser targets the capillaries feeding the hair roots, not the actual hair follicles thus giving very successful results in dark-skinned people with bronze skin and very thin hair structure. The wavelengths of the ND YAG laser go down to the lowest layers of the skin and make it inactive by shooting at the vessels that feed the hair root. Thus, the hair follicles fall out and do not regrow. Since it does not affect the melanin level of the skin and surrounding tissues, the ND YAG laser, can be used safely in people with dark skin, by protecting the upper skin with its special cooling unit and permanently destroys unwanted hair almost painlessly.The NG YAG laser, which is preferred by people who want to get rid of facial hair, also gives very effective results in the removal of hair located on the back, shoulders and chest in men.

Diode Next Laser

The diode laser, which has a hybrid technology that can dismantle both the hair and the root at the same time, can be applied successfully on every skin and hair type, without exception, ensuring the desired results. The diode laser technology, which is effective even on light blond, gray and thin hair, is applied to the skin with ice caps and gel. La Bella Clinic’a has two diode lasers with ice caps, Diode Next Laser and Soprano Ice.

Soprano Ice Laser (Ice laser hair removal)

The Soprano Ice laser, which can be used comfortably and safely on all hair and skin types, stands out with the fact that it can be applied even in summer. Soprano Ice, which is called “ice laser epilation”, allows the laser epilation process to be completed in a very comfortable way without any pain. The special ice cap of the Soprano Ice laser epilation device cools the application area and eliminates the pain. The Soprano Ice laser, which allows you to get rid of even the fairest and thinnest hairs painlessly while feeling like a cool massage, can be applied comfortably in all four seasons.

Approximately how long does each session take?

Although each session in laser epilation varies according to the selected device, hair and skin structure, and the size of the area to be treated, it usually takes between 25 minutes and 1.5 hours. Whole body laser application is performed in approximately 1-1.5 hours. In this complicated process, all types of laser epilation devices can be used in a mixed way, depending on the region and hair type.

Things to consider after laser hair removal

After laser epilation, small redness may occur in that area, indicating that the procedure is effective. After the application, a special lotion is applied to the skin to reduce the redness, soothe and moisturize the skin. It is very important to not touch the affected area for at least eight hours after the procedure and not be exposed to direct sunlight for about a month. When going out in the sun, it is absolutely necessary to use a high factor sunscreen cream, especially on the face area, regardless of summer or winter. It is necessary to avoid applications such as scrub, fiber, peeling and solarium.

Since laser epilation is an application that dries the skin, it is of great importance to moisturize the skin abundantly with intense moisturizers throughout the process. For this period, special creams suitable for post-laser use, which moisturize the skin but do not nourish the hair follicle, are recommended.

In how many sessions are the desired results obtained?

In laser epilation, facial sessions are performed at 1-month intervals and body sessions are performed at 1-2-month intervals. Check-up sessions are held after each procedure. Although it varies from person to person, the number of sessions varies between 4-8. Although it varies according to the hair and skin structure of the person, unless there is a very special situation, most people get the desired results in 5-6 sessions. Those who prefer the comfort of laser epilation can get rid of almost all the unwanted hair in the treated area in 5-6 sessions with 1-1.5 monthly periods.

Does laser hair removal completely remove hair?

After laser epilation, people get rid of almost all of their unwanted hair permanently. However, since some of the hair follicles can regenerate, it is recommended to take a protection session once or twice a year, when entering the summer and winter.

In which cases laser hair removal cannot be performed?

  • It cannot be applied to individuals under the age of 18. If there is a situation that requires it to be done, the family must fill out a consent form.
  • It cannot be done during pregnancy and breastfeeding period. Sessions can start 6 months after the end of the breastfeeding period.
  • It cannot be applied to people who need to use photosensitizing drugs. In the first meeting, the dermatologist decides whether laser hair removal can be done by asking which drugs the person uses.
  • People with very sensitive skin are tested on a small area; Whether to continue the process or not is determined by the reaction of the test.

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