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It is the general name given to the care of toenails, applying nail polish to the toenails and softening the foot calluses. It is the process of cleaning and maintaining the toenails, like a manicure. With the process, toenails are shortened, cleaned, purified from dead skin and brought into the shape you want by filing. When getting a pedicure, you should pay attention to the fact that you have it done in a hygienic environment and that the materials are cleaned before the application. You can have a pedicure, like a manicure, not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for cleaning and treatment purposes.

Regular pedicure is the definitive solution for ingrown nails, which are especially common in toenails. The pedicure process starts with softening the feet by soaking them in warm water. After your feet have been in water for a while, your cuticles and dead skin will get wet and will be easier to clean. After your feet are thoroughly wet and softened, the process of cleaning the dead skin on the fingers and soles and cutting the cuticles will be performed with a foot file. After this process, you can cut the nails to the length you want and bring the nails to their final shape with a file. After the completion of all procedures, you can apply the nail polish of the desired color.

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