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Dental Aesthetics

Problems in the appearance of teeth are an important element that negatively affects people’s social life. Teeth that are pleasing to the eye and line up in harmony when you laugh, have a positive effect on people’s lives and are one of the effective signs of personal care. A glamorous smile significantly increases people’s self-confidence and social communication, contributing to success and happiness in their business and private lives.

Problems such as perplexity in the alignment of the teeth, large gaps between the teeth or dark teeth affect your smile negatively. In addition, previously discolored or discolored coatings, darkened fillings and gingival problems also adversely affect both health and aesthetics.

For these reasons, dental aesthetic applications affect the health and mood of the person positively.

Frequently Applied Methods in Dental Aesthetics

  • Lamina (leaf) porcelains
  • Full ceramic coatings
  • porcelain fillings


Dental İmplant
Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made of titanium. They become a part of the body as a result of the biological bond formed between this material, which is biocompatible with human tissues, and the jawbone.

In single tooth deficiencies, they allow easy removal of the missing teeth without applying any treatment to the adjacent healthy teeth, as well as providing fixed tooth solutions in multiple tooth deficiencies. Implants are placed in the jawbone with a minor surgical intervention under local anesthesia. The person can continue his normal daily life after the procedure.

It takes approximately 3 months for the implants to fully attach to the jawbone following the placement process. At the end of this process, the teeth are started to be made. In line with the design of the teeth and the aesthetic wishes of the patient, this stage takes between 3 and 10 days.

Dental Aesthetics in One Session
Today, there are dentistry technologies that allow aesthetic dental treatments to be performed in a short time.

Aesthetic dental treatments such as leaf porcelains, full ceramic bridges and porcelain fillings can be applied in a single session. In the system, right after the tooth measurement preparation, it is taken by the digital camera and transferred to the computer environment in 3D at the same time. The dentist determines the new tooth appearance together with the patient in 3D environment. Then, new teeth are prepared by scraping from special porcelain blocks by the device.

In this way, aesthetic dental solutions can be reached in a single day without having to go to the rehearsal for days and without any sensitivity problems.

Porcelains applied in this system do not contain metal infrastructure. Their structure is close to the structure of the tooth itself, and it is similar to the tooth with its light transmittance properties. Thanks to its special adhesives, it becomes a whole with the structure of the tooth after bonding, and the porcelain made in 1 day remains healthy for years.

Teeth whitening
Due to the microscopic spaces in the structure of the teeth, cigarettes, tea, coffee or some foods we take cause our teeth to darken. Preparations applied to the surface of the teeth in the whitening process, such as cigarettes, tea, coffee, etc. removes the factors from the teeth.

The whitening process does not cause any harm to the teeth. Depending on the current color of the teeth, the whitening process takes several sessions, and thanks to a special method, the patient can continue to whiten at home or at work by applying the process on his own. Depending on the age, structure and first color of the teeth, there is a chance of 2-3 tones of whitening.

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